Why SoLu/FAQ ?

What is SoLu Broadcasting it exactly?

Simple we are a broadcasting company that brings you LIVE youth sports over our channel at no cost to the viewer ever.

Now almost anyone today with technology can do that, heck I even figured out how. But what separates SoLu from any other broadcast is we simply just “Get it”. Our motto, our philosophy, our credo if we have to have a credo, is JHF, Just Have Fun. Of course, our job is to bring you the game and tell you the score, yadda yadda yadda and we do that with great passion.

But it is our pizzazz, our showmanship, our unconditional desire to leave you smiling at the end of the affair. Even if your kid’s team just got shellacked 10-1 and you had $100 on the game getting +8.5 from some off shore youth hockey gambling site you will be smiling at the end of our show, and that is what separates us from everyone.


You can go anywhere else to not have fun but at SoLu it is our responsibility to create, nourish, and facilitate it and let me tell you it is contagious. We are like a great morning radio show sandwich on hockey game bread is truly the best way to describe us. In short, no one calls a game like we do, and you are gonna love it .

  • Unmatched, unique, passionate, partial, humorous, old school play-by-play and commentary.

How do the games look? We have for every broadcast:

  • Dedicated cameraman. Not just some motion detector following anything that moves.
  • Shot in HD, color, video.
  • Updating scoreboard on the screen.
  • Free for anyone to tune in anywhere, anytime, on any device as often as they like.
  • One simple link to share for every game.
  • And of course the Play-by-Play (Mute button is always available)

How can people watch ?

Just use either of our two links provided here and viola. Either work and are the only one’s any one needs LIVE and archived games. Simple easy to use just share, click, sit back, crack open your beverage of choice and enjoy all the action.

SoLu Broadcasting Channel

SoLu Website

Grand parents love us. We keep it simple. Just share the link, open and push play from anywhere in the world I can not tell you how many grandfathers have reached out to me simply loving the broadcast. So make sure you share the link with everyone. A simple text I find is easiest and works best.

IF we have our game on SoLu who can watch?

Anyone, can watch watch, from any device, wherever they are in the world. From a parent who lost the Covid coin flip and has to sit in the parking lot. To Grandma and grandpa back home that cannot come. We have even had loved one’s Afghanistan serving enjoying a tilt.

Do we have to watch LIVE?

Not at all you certainly can but anyone can watch any game from our archives any time as often as they like?

Do we have to pay to see the games?

No, viewers do not have to pay to watch any game at any time. We never have a Pay-Per-View Fee.

How do we get our team on SoLu?

If it is at a OneHockey Tournament then your team must reserve the game broadcast prior. There are discounts for teams that reserve early and for teams that reserve every game. Locally SoLu is happy to come to your rink for a day or weekend that we have open. But teams have to book us early we sell out at OneHockey and our calendar fills up quickly because the broadcasts are so awesome.

Can we get downloads of the Games ?

Yes Downloads are available for you to order.

Someone said you make highlights?

We Love Love Love to make highlights for you! We have the best editing team in the world go to work for you and make keepsakes that simply put no one else comes close. They put it to music with out of this world graphics. The kids love it. You can immortalize the big goal, huge hit, dazzling stop or my favorite brilliant coaching decision. You tell us what you want and we create it for you. The kids go nuts having these to post on their social media. We also offer entire game highlights that parents and scouts love. You won the big championship and took home the hardware? Well then there is nothing like having a SoLu Championship video custom made for you and your team! Just have your moment ready and we will make it last a lifetime. Order your highlights

Why SoLU?

In short: Cause everybody loves pancakes. And you deserve your pancakes

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