SoLu Sponsorship Fundraiser

Your team can get “paid” to play on SoLu!

We are excited to let your team know about The SoLu Sponsorship Fundraiser. Many business owners have asked us if we have any sponsorships during games. 

Yes, we do and we have structured some of them as a fundraiser for your team! We share all sponsorship proceeds from the SoLu Sponsorship Fundraiser with the team that gets the sponsorship 50/50. 

Businesses back home can sponsor your broadcast on SoLu.  We customize any spot for any business. Sponsors can get the Platinum sponsorship for $500 or the Gold for $250

It’s a great spot for the businesses back home to grow their brand and a huge fundraiser for your team!  Grandparents love to sponsor a shout-out and help the team! “Grandpa Archie and Grandma Edith from Boca say go Hawks and Go Johnny #5 we love you!” 

Platinum: The team gets $250

1 Available/Game 

$500 Logo on screen 30-second in-game read any campaign the business wishes to run. For example:  For Example, “Any player who scores a goal over the weekend gets a free hotdog from Joe’s Hot Dogg Heaven.” People/kids love our campaigns

Gold: The Team gets $125

5 Available/Game

$250 30 – Second in-game read.  Shout-outs