SoLu is not LiveBarn

First and foremost ladies and gentlemen I am just a hockey dad. Our daughter plays co-ed and girls peewee, and the boy plays bantam for the SECYH Seahawks. So like you we have had to be at one rink and have LiveBarn on the phone at the other. I like LiveBarn. It is a whole lot better than nothing.

SoLu is not LiveBarn. Please see for yourself. Below is the LiveBarn highlight of the week from Jan 17th.

LIveBarn Play of the Week 1/17/21

SoLu is passion, love, and fun. Your family will treasure the experience of playing on The SoLu Broadcasting Network forever. Below are a few clips. As you can feel, we are not LiveBarn…

Huge Moment !

In Depth Commentary!

Math is Math.

We at SoLu look forward to the privilege of broadcasting your games. We Love to Broadcast!

“What a Blessing, honor, and privilege it is to be here with you.”
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