SECYH Seahawks

Hello, I’m Scotty Bonner the voice of the SECYH Seahawks. It is by far our favorite and most privileged part of all that we do. Give a listen:

We bring you all the Seahawks home games from the Rose Garden in Norwich, CT. Anyone, anywhere, form any device, can tune in LIVE or from our archives as many times as they like.

All brought to you by the SECYH Seahawks. Please consider helping out the Seahwaks to continue to bring everyone these great broadcasts absolutely free for everyone. Seahawks Donation Page. Even $1 goes a long long way.

We love our Seahawks, not only do both the SoLu namesakes play for the Seahawks but the broadcaster is the coach of the marquee organIzation, the U12 Lady Seahawks. It is so much fun. I have never coached girls before. Let me tell you, they make me look like a very good coach, and that folks, is no small task. Rest assured that there is a stable of people who are more than happy to attest to that last statement.

Lady Hawks

“It is more important that the other team does not score, than we do score.”

Celly after notching one!

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