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Please consider partnering with us at our Patreon page. Your contributions help us to achieve our goal: To bring as many people, as many hockey games as we can for free.

We were blown away, by the support just this past week. We had over 1500 people tune in Monday night 2/22/21 to a Connecticut High School game, thank you. Please, if you have enjoyed a broadcast, partner with us. It is less than $50/Year to be a SoLu supporter. PARTNER WITH US

Folks, it is a very big deal for a kid to hear their named called, or for the grandparent far away, the chance to tune in to see their loved ones play. I have personally been so blessed to hear, “I was serving at sea and got to see my little girl play, thank you.” Or, “Everyone back home on Long Island are tuning in Scotty.” That is what your support does. Thank you.

We bring everyone the games at no cost to anyone. No reservation fee for the team, no pay-per-view fee for Grandma, no fee for the team to get together and watch the game later on. No fee for a downloadable copy. We are just: Hockey-Share-Enjoy.

We try to deliver a broadcast that is unmatched in the world of sports, and we know we do. To have another sports broadcasting company come and do a game like we do costs teams $400-500. So look at your membership as not only support for what we are doing now, but you are paying it forward to the next little kid who gets to have their game on the SoLu.

Thank you so much for all the awesome love and support we have received along the way. Much more to come! Support the SoLu

Thank you

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