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“The Lu in SoLu”
The Broadcaster and cracked producer/director/cameraman/power forward/#42 in your scorecard/ SECYH Seahawk/Coyote fan/big cheese/head honcho/numero uno/big guy/ county champ/ and Big toe.
“The So in SoLu”
The Camera lady/Baby girl/#3 on your scorecard/SECYH Lady Seahawk/Stay at home mighty oak defenseman/ Islander fan/and pinky toe.
The Broadcaster and Mrs. Broadcaster
Bride/camera lady/Vegas Knights fan/ Mother to Big & Pinky Toe

SoLu Broadcasting is a family affair.

Hello, my name is Scotty Bonner. I am the 2nd greatest hockey Play-by-Play guy ever. My family and I started SoLu Broadcasting early in 2020. Yep that 2020, but boo-hoo suck it up buttercup. We are committed to having fun, and to make every broadcast of every single game fun and like game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I was male nurse for over 20 years and a card carrying member of the Gaylord Focker Fraternal Brotherhood of male nurses. Except everyday on the floor I was dreaming/wishing I was calling a game.


We started out as less than a hobby with a set of phone earbuds, a smart phone, and the MIXLR app. Just calling audio of our kids games from Raleigh for fun, sharing the link with the moms and dads with no way to hear it except LIVE because I had no idea what I was doing. Well, somebody told somebody and I received a call one day from a the UNC Tarheels coach who said you have to come call our games and the rest is as they say Creamed Cheese.

Radio highlights from our early days

So one thing led to another then I met by pure chance Sebastein Fortier who is the CEO and founder of the greatest hockey tournaments in the world OneHockey. I mentioned in passing I do some play-by-play here in Raleigh. He said “Oh yeah come down tomorrow to do some games.” I thought he was just yessing me but I showed up. After the 1st game he walked over to me and said you are coming to my next tournament to call games in Chicago. And we are still calling games at OneHockey tournaments all over the world today.

When we decided to take this from hobby to livelihood was a great day. We knew that we needed to make this exactly what we do because it is precisely what I was Made to do. I’m blessed to have my family by my side as we have the privileged to bring the games for you.

My very favorite days are when I get to call one of our own kid’s games. Sometimes I get to have both their games on the SoLu, back to back, belly to belly. It doesn’t get any better than that! Of course the commentary for those affairs can be a little more intense for those affairs because the dad on the mic, well he expects results.

SoLu is a life’s dream and story of quieting the world Hearing your Purpose and having the support to go and just do it. We thank you all for the enormous love and support we always get, and quite frankly deserve.

Unique, partial, and passionate Give a listen:

Concept Art, we didn’t want to scare the children.

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