OneHockey/Game Reservations


SoLu Broadcasting is the exclusive broadcast partner for the great OneHockey Tournaments. We bring you games Live from OneHockey Tournaments around the world. Kids love OneHockey and love to have their games on the SoLu. We make what is already a great experience even better.

Hoist the Cup !

Teams have to reserve their broadcasts for the tournaments. We do not have enough broadcast teams to cover every game at every tournament and every weekend there are teams disappointed they did not book their games and teams running around so happy that they did !

Upcoming Tournaments:

President’s Day Raleigh, NC Tournament Broadcast Reservations

We also offer great highlights that make amazing, unique, memories and keepsakes that you will cherish forever ! Just let us know which games and highlight you would like and let our professional editing team make up an amazing highlight put to music with fabulous graphics that everyone loves. You can get any play made into a memory. A big goal, a huge hit, a dazzling stop ! Or have our team make you a 4-5 minute highlight video of any game. Families love to have these made up for their championships. Winning is better when you have an unique highlight video to watch over and over again! These are the good old days.

Order Your Highlights Here

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