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Mites & Mimosas 2.5.23

2.4.23 High School Hockey

Xavier Falcons vs Fairfield Mustangs

SEC PPV game. SEC Families go to https://solubroadcasting.org/sec-sehawks-channel/ and use password to view games.

All Access Games:

2.5.23 Yale Bulldogs Squirt 2013 AA vs SEC Seahawks Squirt A

2.5.23 Hamden Dragons Pee Wee A1 vs SEC Seahawks A1

All other teams that did not get unlimited access go here https://solubroadcasting.org/solu-ppv/ to find your game $9.99/Ticket. Scroll down to find your game.


Conard Red Wolves vs Newington Nor’Easters

Wethersfield Eagles vs Eastern Ct. Eagles


For Immediate Release,

     World Sports Broadcasting Network and Solu Broadcasting are pleased to announce a partnership between the two broadcasting companies.

Conard Red Wolves vs Newington Nor’Easters

“This gives a great opportunity to grow our network in Connecticut and New England” says WSBN rep. “We have always admired the professional broadcasts that the people of Solu Broadcasting produce. We are very excited to be working with them”. “SoLu Broadcasting is equally excited” says Scotty Bonner “WSBN has a huge growing network that also includes TV shows, a TV station, player profiles and coming radio. This gives us a great opportunity to expand our broadcasts for the sporting world here. Plus, the fact they have an TV station and on Ruko, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.” “In addition, the exposure they can give the players is truly very excited for us”

WSBN TV network:

WSBN.TV (iOS and android players available) 25000 views per day

Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku (download the Boxcast app) – 129.9 million users.

Stream for Free Roku only 70 million users

Maybacks Global Entertainment – 35 million users

Smart TVs in Asia, India, Europe, Spain, and Germany – 170 million users

All our social media and yours

Coming – TV networks in Mexico and France. As well as an Android phone manufacturer and distributor as pre-install apps on their phones sold in Africa, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, and Central America. Additionally, they are in contract with T- Mobile for North America

One of the biggest differences the sporting world will notice is that we will now be offering a multiple camera production (up to 9 cameras, including net cams, 360 camera) complete with pregame / post game shows, interviews, highlights / replays, play by play and color in all games.

Watch for additional games, events, and TV shows in Connecticut / New England.

SEC Seahawks Games PPV Notice:

If your team has not purchased the unlimited access for your game the weekend of 1/28-29 you can watch here : https://solubroadcasting.org/solu-ppv/ for $9.99/PPV.

High School and college games are below just scroll down to find you game

If your team did purchase the unlimited access than they can watch it below under “Free Games” just scroll down to find your game there.

SEC Seahawk families can view the games here: https://solubroadcasting.org/sec-sehawks-channel/


CT Jr Huskies Mites Minor vs SEC Seahawks B

Hall Titans vs Conard Red Wolves

CT Chiefs vs Norwich Hockey Club

Rocky Hill Terriers vs Newington Nor’Easters

Columbia Lions vs US Coast Guard Academy Bears

Pee Wee A1 Ridgefield vs SEC Seahawks

We had the chance to sit down with Coach Smolak and Coach Craig of Woodstock and the Eagles for interviews we were going to air during the broadcast of the game tonight which was cancelled. So here are the interviews.

Coach Smolak Woodstock Academy Centaurs boys head varsity hockey coach:

Coach Randy Craig Eastern Connecticut Eagles Boys Hockey Head Coach Interview 1.24.23

Springfield Pride Vs US Coast Guard Academy Bears 1.22.23 3:00 PM

Lady Wizards vs SEC Lady Seahawks 5:40 PM 1.22.23 GO HERE: https://solubroadcasting.org/solu-ppv/

Mites CT Northern Lights U8 Silver vs SEC Seahawks Mites A1 Sat 1.21.22 8:00 AM

Pee Wee Avon Panthers vs SEC Seahawks 1.23.22 10:30 AM

New Canaan Rams vs Fairfield Mustangs CT High School Hockey 01.21.23 6:00 PM

CT Jr Huskies Pee Wee A1 vs SEC Seahawks Pee Wee A1 01.22.23 10:30 AM

SoLu PPV Games $9.99/Ticket 1/21-22/23:

Squirts ECHO Stars vs SEC Seahawks 1.21.23 9:15 AM

Mites West Hartford Wolves B vs SEC Seahawks B 1.22.23 8:00 AM

Squirts ECHO Stars A vs SEC Seahawks A 1.22.23 10:30 AM

Lades Pee Wee Wonderland Lady Wizards vs SEC Seahawks: 1.22.23 5:40 PM

SoLu Achieves find and re-watch your games here:

Staples Wreckers vs Newington Nor’Easters 1.18.23 7:30 PM

SLBT Squirts Enfield Eagles A vs CT Jr. Huskies A 1.15.23 12:10 PM

SLBT Pee Wee Southern Stars U12 vs CT Jr. Huskies A1 Maroon 1.15.23 1:25 PM

SLBT Squirts Northwestern Ice Hawks vs CT Jr. Huskies 1.15.23 2:50 PM

SLBT Pee Wee Stanford Sharks vs CT Jr. Huskies 1.15323 4:05 PM

SLBT Bantam Pawling B vs CT Jr. Huskies 1.15.23 5:30 PM

Mites CT Jr Huskies Development Team vs SEC Seahawks Mites C 1.14.23 8:00AM

Squirts Yale JR Bulldogs Squirt A vs SEC Seahawks A 1.14.23 9:15 AM

Bantam Wonderland Wizards A1 vs SEC Seahawks A1

CT High School Trumbull Eagles vs Fairfield Mustangs 1.14.23 6:00 PM

CT High School E.O. Smith/Tolland Bucks vs Newington Nor’Easters 1.14.23 7:30 PK

SLBT Mites CT Chiefs Mini Mites vs CT jr. Huskies Mites Development 1.15.23 8:20 AM

SLBT Mites Watertown Red Wings vs CT Jr. Huskies 1.15.23 9:10 AM

CT High School Hockey Ridgefield Tigers vs Fairfield Mustangs 1.11.23 7:30PM

Squirts Southern Stars vs SEC Seahawks 1.8.23 9:15 AM

Bantam SEC Seahawks A1 vs CT Jr. Huskies B 1.8.23 4:30 PM

Bantam Hartford Jr Wolfpack ’08 vs SEC Seahawks A1 1.7.23 10:30 AM

LIVE GAMES PPV $9.99/Ticket

Darien Blue Wave vs Fairfield Mustangs 6PM 1/4/23

Conard vs Hall

12.26.22 West Hartford CT. 11AM Faceoff

SEC Seahawks Bantam Blue vs White Christmas Toys for Tots Game


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