From the Fans

We love to call games and we trust it shows in our broadcasts. This is a true story that brought me to tears and it is something I love to share.

We had just finished up a U10 game from the Rose Garden in Norwich, CT. A lady walked over to me and Lukie in tears, she said, “I just wanted to thank you. My husband is at home watching the game and he called me. He is legally blind and can not see at all. He said to me this is the 1st time he was able to “SEE” our daughter’s game. Thank you so much it was such a blessing to our entire family.” It brought me to tears and I will never ever forget her. And it motivates us to keep doing what we are doing every game, every period, every shift, every day.

Below are some more awesome comments we have received and we are so thankful for all the support.

  • “I would gladly stay out of the rink if more places did this”
  • “Best hockey announcer”
  • “I think I will be watching the whole game later. My father in law said the guy was a blast to listen to.”
  • “It is better than in person”
  • “OHHHH MYYYY He buries the biscuit, this guy is great!!!” 
  • “I could tell when I first heard your voice on the network that you are a blessing from God. Keep up the great work.”
  • “Sebastian was so right when he called me to get our parents on board and we will def be seeking you for some games when you travel back here in Raleigh!!!”
  • “Thanks for broadcasting for West Chester Elite Quakers this weekend. We absolutely loved you!”
  • “Scotty, you do an incredible and inspirational announcement. I love your old time hockey quotes and congrats on the Islanders making it to the conference final.”
  • “Thank you! You made those of us at home feel like we were there!! Amazing job!”
  • “Scottie does a great job! Wish they could attend every tournament! Family at home gets to watch. And the kids can’t wait to watch the games they played in.”
  • “Thank you Sir for the broadcast and all the hard work, awesome Job!”
  • “Scotty & his crew do a tremendous job at broadcasting a game. Very entertaining & exciting. Highly recommended.”
  • Scotty Bonner I loved the broadcast you are too funny it was awesome
  • “Scotty!!! You were born to do this.”
… And we thank you.