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SoLu/OneHockey FAQ             

  1. What is the cost to reserve SoLu to broadcast our games?


$600/4 games

  1. Where can we view the games?

They can be viewed on our website SoLuBroadcasting.org and our SoLu YouTube Channel

  1. If we purchase a game reservation can anyone tune in?

Yes, once you have purchased your game to be broadcast you and anyone you wish will have unlimited access to watch the game LIVE or anytime later as often as you like from any device in the world. Teams often go back to the hotel and have “watch parties” to watch their games from earlier in the day. 

  1. How do we share the ability to tune in for family and friends, not at the rink?

Once reserved you will receive a code for your game to tune in. Simply share that code with whomever you would like to have access to the game. They then go to the website click on the game and put in the code.

  1. Can we get a copy of the game?

 Yes, if you purchase a game with unlimited access you will get a download of the game to share with anyone you like as a keepsake forever. 

  1.  My family owns a landscaping business back home are sponsorships available during the broadcasts?

Yes. SoLu in-game sponsorships that businesses can get  And these are sponsorship fundraisers for your team to help offset the cost of the broadcasts. SoLu Broadcasting Sponsorship Deck 

  1. What is the SoLu Sponsorship Fundraiser?

It is in-game sponsorships. That we share 50/50 with your team. The broadcasts are a great spot to advertise on. Everyone wins. Teams love to do this it is a great fundraiser.

  1. Are highlights available?

Yes, You can order highlights for $25 for one or $250/game for a 4-5 minute highlight reel. They make great gifts for the Championships

      9.  What is in the broadcast?

Each broadcast has my self Scotty Bonner on the play-by-play.    Are you kidding me? Each game has a dedicated camera person and  a scoreboard on the screen. 

     10.  Does SoLu broadcast every game from the tournament?

No, we only cover one sheet and one game at a time. We cover from 22-30 games a weekend typically. The reservations are limited, first come first serve. They sell out fast. 

 11. Will every championship game on Sunday be broadcast? 

We try to broadcast every game but at most tournaments, there are a few championship games going on at the same time. You must reserve your championship games as well and they are also first come first serve.

Feel Free to text or email me 860.961.2465 or scotty@solubroadcasing.com