Why partner with SoLu? You would be crazy not to. No one does what we do, no one, give a listen.

We cover youth and local college hockey games all across New England and The tri-state area. Upwards of over 500 games, from every weekend games to huge New England Tournaments. We also cover other youth sports from baseball, to soccer, football, softball you name it we broadcast it.

We have a huge following for every game on our channel and all our social media outlets both LIVE and later on in the archives. Kids love to go home after the game and hear their name called with a passion and love for broadcasting that you will not find anywhere else in the world. In short people really love the broadcasts, and due to the Covid-19 restrictions we have all had to endure the broadcasts mean just that much more to people. From parents who have to flip a coin to see who gets into see their own kids play, to the grandparents who have not had the opportunity to see their beloved grandchildren play even but 1 stanza, we have been blessed to hear from family members serving serving over seas all over the globe. Everyone love SoLu

Partnering with us is simply a no brainer. You get way more bang for your buck than some flyer stuffed in the mail, or some book catalog at the counter of the Dollar General. You are reaching real people, watching and listening with dispensable income who love and support the kids and the broadcasts. Loyal people who will patronize your business for your support of the broadcasts.

SoLu never charges a PPV to view the games LIVE or anytime later. Kids, families, fans can always tune in anytime, from any device, any where in the world, as often as they like. We even send teams that request it downloadable copies of their affairs at $0 cost to them.

And folks, I don’t just do “reads”. I give 1st person testimonials, and I make it as though the viewer/listener doesn’t even realize it is a “Read”. I do take come creative liberties to personalize it, and have fun with it, but if you are a fan of the broadcasts then you know the entire thing is fun.

It is with your support that we can continue this model which we enjoy doing so much. Honestly folks last thing I want is Grandma in Florida to have to shell out $6.95 to watch her grand-baby play a game. Just not my thing.

Below is our menu of Advertising/Sponsorship items, find the one that best suits your business/establishment and reach out to our sales team. You are helping people to be able to see their loved one’s where they might not have had the chance. You will be happy you did.

Corporate/Marquee Sponsor:

  • LOGO on Banner which is present everywhere we broadcast in the broadcast booth and in rinks/fields we are at.
  • LOGO on screen.
  • “SoLu Broadcasting brought to you by ABC Company” Every time we read in the game.
  • 2 in game reads/game.
  • Memorabilia/item in welcome packs for all tournaments.
  • Interview with Company Rep 4x’s a year on air during games.
  • 1st person testimony reads on air. “ I went to ABC the other day and let me tell you…”


1 game $400 

10 games $2500 

50 games $10k 

100 games $15k 

200 games $25K 

1 Year (Minimum 300 games) $35K

Broadcast Booth Naming Rights:

You name on the booth form where we broadcast. A great value with mentions minimum of 3 times a game along with a 20 second read during the game. I love this one!

“From the Acme Moving Company Broadcast Booth Live…”

1 game $50

5 games $225

10 games  $425

20 games $800

50 games $1750

100 games $3000

Season $5K

Sponsor a team.

Pick a team of your choice to sponsor for a game, weekend, or entire season.  Remember back in the day you would have the local cleaners on your hat from Little League? Well this is ten times better than that! “Today’s U8 Mite match up is brought to you by the Acme Moving Company, you need something picked up and put down somewhere else folks? Well I’m here to tell ya Acme Moving, they are the very best.” Multiple times that is read throughout the games with “Thanks yous” and a 20 second in game read as well. This one tugs at the heart strings. People love and truly hear this.

Sponsor a Team

1 Game $100 

5 games $400 

10 games $700 

Season (20 game minimum) $1200 

Sponsor a day (4 games minimum)

Pick an entire day up to 6 games and sponsor the entire day for the your organization. “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another day of youth Mariners hockey on the SoLu Broadcasting network presented by our friends at the ACME Moving Company.” said no less than 3 times a game along with a 20 second In game read, and of course many “Thank yous.”

Sponsor a Day:

1 day $500 

5 days $2000

10 days $3000 

20 days $ 4000 

Sponsor a weekend Sat/Sun (Minimum 8 games)

Same as above but for Sat/Sun. 8-10 games. Absolute knock it out of the park value for you! You will reach thousands of people and they will be smiling when they think of your business I can guarantee it.

Sponsor a weekend:

1 weekend $800 

5 weekends $3k 

10 weekends $5k 

20 weekends $8k 

Season       $ 12K

In game reads 15 reads/game.

15-20 second read and testimonial. You can select from 15 different in game spots:

15 strategically placed 20 second reads that will get you prime attention, and future business. Like I said I have fun with these and make people “Hear” them. You will love the response you get when a customer calls and says I loved you ad during the game! Super value, reach a ton of future customers! “This 2nd stanza opening puck drop is brought to you by the best moving company either side of the ‘ole Mississippi yes my friends of course we are talking about the Acme Moving Company.”.. Pick from any of our great in game spots, move your read around to different spots if you like from one to the next game. First come first serve and these do not last.

  1. Pre-Game Report
  2. Post-Game Report
  3. 1st Stanza Opening Puck Drop
  4. 2nd Stanza Opening Puck Drop
  5. 3rd Stanza Opening Puck Drop
  6. Power Play
  7. Penalty Kill
  8. Trivia Question of the Game
  9. Twitter mention of the Game
  10. Intermission Report
  11. 2nd Intermission Report
  12. 12 – 15 Break in action reads through the game. Icing, offsides, etc…

In Game Reads:

5 games $100 

10 games $170 

20 games $300 

50 games $625 

100 games $700 

200 games $1k 

Season  $1300

Special Campaigns:

These are the most fun and interactive spots. Kids, parents, families, organIzations remember these and trust me they want to earn these very prestigious awards.

Trooper of the Game.

An MVP type award, but not necessarily for the young lad or lady who scored the most goals or had the best game. The Trooper is for the player that just kept getting back up. For the kid that just wouldn’t quit. The Trooper of the Game is for the player who by the end of the affair looks like a prize fighter coming out for the 15th round and the doctor should have stopped it rounds ago, but keeps coming out. “Johnny Smith is your ACME Moving Company Trooper of the Game”. Along with countless mentions of my favorite award a Certificate is presented to the winner with the sponsor’s logo on it each game.  The kids absolutely love this and it means something special to be named The Trooper.

Trooper of the Game

1 Game $100

5 Games $450

10 Games $800

20 Games  $ 1500

50 Games $3500

100 Games $6500

Season ( Minimum 200 games)  $ 10K

Sweater of the weekend:

I love, love, love hockey sweaters. I spend way too many countless hours perusing hockey jersey concepts, just ask my wife. Hey there are worse websites your wife could catch you on, but I digress.  My absolute favorite part of every tournament is going to see all the different sweaters that will be there! So each weekend we select our favorite sweater of the weekend.  Each winner will enter into the chance to win the Sweater of the Year ! Each winner will receive a certificate for the team to take to their home rink to recognize their winning with your corporate logo on it. And your sponsorship will be mentioned every time we mention the award. And trust me it will be mentioned countless times a weekend. If you are a fan of the broadcasts then you know exactly what I am talking about. There is nothing sweeter than a beautiful Hockey sweater.

Sweater of the Weekend:

1 Weekend $100

5 Weekends $ 425

10 Weekends  $ 800

20 Weekends  $ 1500

50 Weekends $ 3500

100 Weekends $ 6500

Season ( Minimum 200 games)  $ 10K

Sweater of the Year:

Each Sweater of the Weekend winner will be eligible to win the coveted “Sweater of the Year Award.” The winning organIzation will get a banner to hang in their rink, and your logo will be right there on that banner! A banner that will stand out from all the tournament banners that each rink has. They are great and kids/teams love their tournament banners, but the “Sweater of the Year”? Who has that in their arena? What a fantastic unique opportunity for your business to jump on. Everyone who looks up at the banner will look and stare and read and you will be right there in their rafters forever ! We have an entire show at the end of the year dedicated to the winners and the sweater of the year streamed on our channel with your logo right on the screen as well. An entire season of having your name ad read mentioned with every winning sweater of the weekend we of course mention that they are now eligible for the “Sweater of the Year presented by the Acme Moving Company”. In short a campaign unlike any other

Sweater of the Year: $3000  

Restaurant Campaign:

Folks, we are all friends here, I didn’t just wake up chubby this morning. I am a middle aged hockey dad with a face for radio and a body for Morse Code. This one explains and frankly sells itself. We partner with your restaurant to come up with a campaign that is fun, and will draw customers in droves to your establishment. Example: “Los Pollos Hermanos Hat Trick Bucket”. Your young lady or lad scores a hat trick, then you and your family get a bucket of the most delicious chicken known to man!” I mean how much fun is that? Get the crowd chanting “Bucket… Bucket” at the arena. I defy your to get a better bang for your buck! I cant not even imagine the amount of times this would be mentioned in one weekend by the broadcaster? It is incalculable! You also get a Solu Broadcasting partnership poster to hang in your establishment to let people know about the campaign ! It’s fabulous.

5 Weekends $ 500

10 Weekends  $ 800

20 Weekends  $ 1500

50 Weekends $ 3500

100 Weekends $ 6500

Season ( Minimum 200 games)  $ 10K

Also inquire about our variety of opportunities to partner with us here on our website.

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