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All SEC Seahawk ( You Must use Password provide in email for SEC Families only) Families Tune in here: https://solubroadcasting.org/sec-sehawks-channel/

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Just text anyone “solubroadcasting.org” and they are a click away from all the action!

Every Game on SoLu you get:

  • Passionate, partial, humorous, old school play-by-play and commentary
  • Dedicated cameraman. Shot in HD
  • Updating scoreboard on the screen
  • Free for anyone to tune in anywhere, anytime, on any device as often as they like
  • One simple link to share for every game
  • All games are available in archives for anyone to tune in anytime as often as you like
  • Individual 30-second highlights are available for order. Made by our professional editing team ORDER YOUR HIGHLIGHT HERE
  • Game highlights are available to order. 3-5 minute videos and championship videos available to order for every game
  • Unique memories that no one else offers

We all have fun at SoLu:

Every day is a beautiful day for hockey! We thank you for the opportunity to bring you the game.

Have a Nice Day !! 🙂