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Welcome to SoLu Broadcasting !

Welcome, welcome, welcome ladies and gentlemen to SoLu Broadcasting. I am your host Scotty Bonner what a blessing honor and privilege it is to have you here. The SoLu is your home for the very best, most unique, passionate, youth sports broadcasting either side of the great Mississippi. We bring you games for all to enjoy. Never, ever a PPV fee. No no never never you don’t do dhat unless you some sort of English pig or somting with no brain. Never a penny to watch. Anyone, anywhere, anytime, from any device can tune in as many times as they like. Folks, we love to broadcast and we hope that it comes out in our games. We have a lot of fun, we play a lot of gags, we make sure that everyone has a good time because that is what life is. Here, please have a listen:

“Safety 2nd.”


All the Live games going on on the SoLu right here. Catch you teams action here Live or anytime in our archives.

Every Game on SoLu you get:

  • Unmatched, unique, passionate, partial, humorous, old school play-by-play and commentary.
  • Dedicated cameraman. Not just some motion detector following anything that moves.
  • Shot in HD, color, video.
  • Updating scoreboard on the screen.
  • Free for anyone to tune in anywhere, anytime, on any device as often as they like.
  • One simple link to share for every game.
  • Simple easy to use just share, click, sit back, crack open your beverage of choice and enjoy all the action.
  • All games available in archives for anyone to tune in anytime as often as you like.
  • Individual 30 second highlights available for order. Made by our professional editing team.
  • Game highlights available to order. 3-5 minute videos and championship videos available to order for every game.
  • Unique memories that no one else offers.

Did we mention unbridled passion? Give a listen here:

Everyday is a beautiful day for hockey! We thank you for the opportunity to bring you the game.

Have a Nice Day !! 🙂